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Olymbros 16MP Trail Camera: Field Test and Review

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An unboxing, review, and field testing of the Olymbros 16mp trail camera. Model T3. Sample videos/pictures included. Thanks for watching. Feel free to leave any remarks or questions in the comment section below. Please subscribe if you haven't yet....after all it's free!!

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Timestamp links for quick access viewing:
Unboxing 1:02
Set-up/Settings 2:28
Sample Videos and Photos 4:35
Audio Test 7:50
Timelapse 8:31
Final thoughts/ Pros/Cons 9:00

Info from Olymbros:
-16MP 1080P HD Resolutions
-No Glow Night Version
-65ft Infrared Distance
-0.6S Fast Trigger Speed
-Built-In 2.4" LCD Screen
-Adjustable Trigger Interval
-Time-lapse Function
-Perfect Long-Last Battery Life
-IP65 Waterproof Standard
-Multi-Level Protection or Outdoor Use

Link to HuntingFarmer's Channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/huntforf...

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