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Parallels 15 Review - The Top 3 Features That Will Excite You

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In our review of the new Parallels 15, we've discovered that the Parallels 15 comes packing with great features. We covered 3 top features in this review that makes the Parallels 15, the best Parallels yet. Parallels have come far in their development of this virtual machine. Running Windows 10 on Apple OS (Catalina) is smooth. We are thrilled that opening and running Windows software such as Office apps was such a joy. Not only was it fast, but it is also stable AF.

The remote access is also a delight. Using the Ipad Pro to access your Mac remotely is something we have been wanting. Granted there are 3rd party apps that can help us do this. Parallels 15 made it so easy for remote access. We totally love the Parallels 15.

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Parallels Desktop 15 provides the following –

DirectX 11 support: This brings more windows programs and PC games to Mac. Parallels Desktop 15 users can now run many Windows programs and PC games which didn’t run on previous version.
Play any Xbox Game in a Windows 10 Virtual Machine: Bluetooth Low Energy support in Parallels Desktop 15 enables Xbox Controller, Logitech Craft, IRISPen and some IoT devices (such as smart home appliances and smart bands) to be used with a Mac.
Seamless Mac and Windows Integration: Enhanced integration features that provide the best of both worlds on one computer so users can experience new levels of productivity.
Improved Performance: Users can enjoy up to 80% faster Microsoft Office application startup, 15% faster 3D graphics improvements, and a more responsive Parallels Desktop user interface

Games that run well on Parallels 15 (Mojave & Catalina) -

1) Age of Empires: Definitive Edition
2) Anno 2205
3) Space Engineers
4) The Turing Test
5) Anno 1800
6) Fallout 4
7) FIFA 19
8) Madden NFL 19

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1) We will show you how to run Xbox games on Parallels 15
2) How we link the Ipad Pro + Apple Pencil to the Parallels 15

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