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Pasadena police violating citizen's civil rights. Body cam / Dashcam videos

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The Pasadena Police Department released body cam and in-car video in response to claims that officers violated the civil rights of two people during separate incidents.

John Burton, a local attorney representing the two men, claimed that the officers’ actions were unjustified and that his clients were racially profiled.

The Pasadena Police Department responded to the claims by releasing the video footage.

“You will have the same view of the drivers as the officers did, and you can determine whether race was visible and could have been a factor in the stop,” Chief John E. Perez said. “None of us want our officers to ignore traffic violations or intoxicated drivers, placing all of us at great risk.”

In one incident, officers can be seen forcibly removing Hector Escobedo from his vehicle, after he allegedly failed to come to a complete stop at a stop sign.

Escobedo said his wrist and shoulder were hurt during the stop, and now he’s exploring the possibility of suing the department.

“They are there to protect people, not harass people and yank people coming off of work, visiting their parents out of their car because of a rolling stop,” he said.

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