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Realme X vs Redmi K20 Detailed Comparison | Redmi K20 vs Realme X Battery, Camera, Pubg,Video,Audio

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Redmi K20 starts at 21,999 and Realme X starts at 16,999 so the question comes which is best smartphone under 20000 - Redmi K20 or Realme X? In this video i have done Realme X vs Redmi K20 detailed comparison along with battery, gaming review, pubg review, camera comparison, video samples, audio tests and many more that you must consider while buying redmi k20 or realme x! So watch this Redmi K20 vs Realme X comparison in Hindi so that you can decide which is better Redmi K20 or Realme X.

Buy -
► Realme X - http://fkrt.it/IUcVnPNNNN
► Redmi K20 - http://fkrt.it/1O95TPNNNN
► Redmi K20 Pro - http://fkrt.it/Ga0E~4uuuN

Video Highlights
(Realme X vs Redmi K20)
00:48 - Display
01:31 - Popup Camera
02:54 - Build Quality
04:40 - Gaming Details
05:40 - Battery Backup
06:50 - Camera Samples
08:02 - Video Samples
10:10 - Audio Samples
11:27 - Conclusion

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