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Samsung Galaxy A30s and A20s Review

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Hello everyone, this is our review of the Galaxy A20s and A30s after using them for a long time. We have been testing them thoroughly and here is our final Galaxy A20s and Galaxy A30s review!

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Buy Samsung Galaxy A20s (Nepal): http://bit.ly/3686kMY
Buy Samsung Galaxy A30s (India): https://amzn.to/39rkuuC
Buy Samsung Galaxy A30s (Nepal): http://bit.ly/361HAFL

Before getting started, let’s review the prices of Galaxy A20s and A30s in different countries:
Galaxy A20s:
Samsung Galaxy A20s Price in Nepal: NRS 23,990
Samsung Galaxy A20s Price in India: INR 13,999
Samsung Galaxy A20s Price in Bangladesh: TAK 14,500
Samsung Galaxy A20s Price in Pakistan: PKR 30,999

Galaxy A30s:
Samsung Galaxy A30s Price in Nepal: NRS 27,499
Samsung Galaxy A30s Price in India: INR 14,879
Samsung Galaxy A30s Price in Bangladesh: TAK 19,999
Samsung Galaxy A30s Price in Pakistan: PKR 39,999

For quite some time now, we have been seeing Samsung launch the ‘s’ variants of their A- series smartphones and to be very honest, they have not been priced very fairly. The Galaxy A50s and A70s launched recently had crazy pricing which was later rectified with a good price drop. But the A20s and the A30s still have the old unfair pricing. Anyways, we tested these phones and compared them to other phones that come for a similar price and this is what we make of it.

The A20s has a 6.5- inches display with HD resolution. And though the panel quality is good, the fact that it is just HD is not very pleasing. Even performance-wise, you get the Snapdragon 450 which is a downgrade considering the A20 had Exynos 7884. There has been a downgrade in the display as well, this one has an IPS panel replacing the good old Super AMOLED one. All the other features are the same though. You get a 4,000 mAh battery, that is very enduring. You get 15-watt fast charging in it that can take your device from 0-100% within two hours.

You get Android 9 Pie in the Galaxy A20s topped with OneUI 1.0 and like it is with other mid-range and budget Samsung phones, the experience is rather sluggish. On it, you get a rear-mounted fingerprint sensor that does a decent enough job. Camera-wise, I had expected it to at least be better than its competitor, the Redmi Note 8, but sadly, the rear camera performance of it does not stack up well with the competition. Selfie-wise, you get better results though.

Now, let's move to the A30s. The Galaxy A30s has a Super AMOLED display, unlike the A20s. The resolution is HD+ though. Powering the A30s is the Exynos 7904. Camera-wise, you get a good triple camera setup that does a good job. When compared with the Note 8 Pro, the A30s cameras are better in a lot of aspects like colors and dynamic range. Even portraits look better on the A30s.

Battery-wise, you get a 4,000mAh battery that has very good endurance. The HD+ display placed in a Super AMOLED panel is sure to give you more than a day of usage. Like the A20s, you get Android 9 pie with OneUI 1.0 on top that works just okay.

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